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All players want three things: Structure, direction and accountability-Bill Cowher

“Some locker rooms have cliques,” he said. “Some corners are rowdy. Some corners are dignified. Some corners have guys talking about fishing and hunting and the newest bows and arrows. Some corners have guys strictly talking about chicks. Some corners are talking about God and their beliefs. There is not a foolproof plan to make all of that work together. But it boils down to respect and accountability. If you can find a way to get those two things in your locker room, it can work.

“Sean Taylor was doing an interview once and I threw a cream pie in his face. I had no idea his eyes would get irritated from the foam. It did. I apologized profusely for it. He accepted it. I felt bad. But I had hazed before.
Game Kids Vincent Jackson Jersey
I had put a hot mix in players’ jock straps. I had put water in a guy’s helmet, put it in the freezer and when he later reached for his helmet it was all black ice. Some stuff is rite of passage. Some stuff is over the line. I do think guys are getting softer. A little more sensitive. A little more politically correct. I wouldn’t say that is a good thing. Or a bad thing. It’s a life thing. Today you just have to find ways to govern and manage.”

Though once suspended for the first quarter of the season, Brady has returned to lead one of the league’s better offenses. Along with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman (if healthy), the New England passing attack should challenge the Pittsburgh secondary throughout the night.

It doesn’t help the Steelers’ cause that the NFL suspended running back Le’Veon Bell for the first two games of the season. In addition to providing Pittsburgh with one of the best ground games in the league, Bell proved a valuable asset in the passing game as well, hauling in 83 passes for 854 yards a year ago.

Game Kids Jamie Collins Jersey Over at CBS Sports, all but one of the panelists picked the Patriots to roll.