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Cousins became even less likely to be moved once the NBA’s new labor deal was hatched

The Process 2.0 quietly opens his fantasy career as a 10th-round pick but explodes out of the gate. Embiid played 22 minutes, scoring 20 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks and a 3-pointer against the Thunder. Then 14 points in 15 minutes. Then 18 points, 10 rebounds and 4 blocks in just 25 minutes.

Then Embiid rests on the B-side of a back-to-back.

The pattern continues. Explode, explode, explode … rest. Dominate, street clothes and repeat.

He is forced to pack in the thrills. He has an everlasting green light. The Process 2.0: 25.0 MPG, 19.2 PTS, 7.3 REB, 2.4 BLK, 0.8 STL, 1.2 3PM.

His usage rate is a Kobe-esque 33.6. His 3-point percentage is a Dirk-esque .386.

Authentic Youth Lynn Swann Jersey The minute restrictions and forced rest enrich Embiid’s story. Sightings of The Process are tantamount to spotting a passing meteor.

Chandler, 34, has two seasons left on his contract after this season valued at $26.5 million, but it remains to be seen how willing the Suns are to part with their interior anchor after Chandler encouraged the club to resist outside trade interest last summer.
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What self-respecting compendium of trade scuttle from the 2016-17 season would fail to include an update on DeMarcus Cousins?

Not ours.

But here’s the thing devoted fans of Trade Season — of our beloved Transaction Game — won’t want to hear:

Cousins became even less likely to be moved once the NBA’s new labor deal was hatched.

The Kings, as you surely know by now, are openly desperate to bring their 10-season playoff drought to a halt. Those who know Sacramento best continue to say that, as long as the West’s No. 8 seed remains within the Kings’ sights, they’ll be increasingly reluctant to part with their All-Star ?center.