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Butler, who also has a close friendship with Denver Broncos star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas

“Nobody remembers D-Wade for that,” Butler said of Wade’s brief high school football career. “I try to remind him every day that he wore No. 3 at Marquette and I wore 33 because I was twice as good as him. Just joking. D-Wade could actually play football. That’s what’s crazy, because he’s got really big hands, so he could throw the ball easy and he can catch it extremely well too. But I’m not going to say he’s on my level in football. I’m just not going to say that.”

Brown, who got to know Butler through the pair’s Authentic Austin Seferian-Jenkins Jersey trainer, Travelle Gaines, knows how much his good friend enjoys the game.

“Jimmy loves football,” the Steelers receiver said. “He’s always running routes with me. He always wants to cover me. He’s in great shape. Can run all day. Extremely fast. The guy’s a competitor. That’s what makes him great.”

Dwyane Wade noted that when his friends ask Authentic Ben Ijalana Jersey about his new team, one of the first things he mentions is the ball.

“I’m like, ‘Man, Jimmy carries this football around everywhere,'” Wade said. “But the cool thing was, after one of the practices, we were out there playing catch, etc. I’m in there taking a shower before we go to Harvard and Boston, and I just hear so much commotion on the court. I come out there, coach is playing catch, all these things. It’s cool. Small things build some kind of camaraderie. It builds some kind of something that you need. Because sometimes, especially when you’re losing, a lot of people — you lose that eye contact. You lose that communication and talking. Small things like [throwing a football] help. It helps kind of relax a situation.

“So I didn’t know why he carried that football around like that everywhere he went … but this is cool for this team. It’s a moment that you take just to build something. Anything, when you’ve got a new group together, is something.”

As for the football, Brown said he “always” gives Butler a ball during the season. This particular one came from Butler’s Week 2 trip to Pittsburgh to see Brown and the Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Once the NFL season ends, Brown said he is hoping to get to “10-plus” Bulls games.

“A long time coming I tell you that,” Gibson said. “I’ve been around, even when we was competing, even when we had some teams when we were competing for championships, they still gave us a good whopping. Finally, the way we set the game off [with] the right kind of tone, I was even in shock with the way we just came out and hit them in the mouth and just kept going. When we want to play we’re a hell of a team. You never know what you’re going to get, we had some good days in practice, but this is a good one. A long time coming. We’ve been getting our tails whipped in here a long time.”