Runner pulls off incredible backwards cartwheel to get into blocks

Back in February, I noted a pet play the Celtics run for Isaiah Thomas. He hands the ball off to one big man, loops around both sides of the paint, and then pops out to receive a dribble handoff going to his left. This allows him to run away from bigger, slower defenders and get to the basket.

But the reason that play works is that its flexible. The Celtics have a different version of it when Thomas is on the bench that ends with Marcus Smart parking his butt in front of the basket.

Matt Moulson Youth Jersey They can also have Smart slip to the basket for a layup off Thomas curl. But they also act as a way to occupy the defenses attention when they want to get Lillard and McCollum off a pick and roll. Notice how Myles Turner points at Allen Crabbe as he flares to the corner, which slows him down when trying to get in position to contain Lillard.
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Thats why its hard to load up on Lillard and McCollum. The defense isnt just stretched. Its also distracted.

As someone who ran track in high school, its basically an unwritten rule that if you do something flashy, you also have to do well in the race. Everyone is watching.

Lets check on this runner who decided that getting in the blocks was too routine.

See, thats how you showcase your swagger before you race. You have to properly intimidate the competition before the starting gun goes off. Take notes.

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