Freshman county Commissioner Sims isn’t waiting to make his feelings known on future appointments

GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan — Freshman county Commissioner Sims isn’t waiting to make his feelings known on future appointments by the county Board of Commissioners. The first-term Flint Democrat put his new colleagues on notice Tuesday that he push until Flint residents are appointed to positions numbers proportionate to Alan Ball Jersey their percentage of the county’s population. We’ve got to make sure the city of Flint is represented the different boards, Sims said after commissioners appointed one of their own — Fenton Democrat Lockwood — to the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee. The committee makes recommendations on how the county spends money raised by a senior citizens property tax. Sims had recommended Flint resident Black for the spot and asked for a report on the residency of current county appointees. He said other parts of the county seem to sit at the grown-up table while Flint residents are left at the kiddie table. Commissioners and new board Chiarman made several appointments to public boards and committees Tuesday at the commissioners regular meeting.

Investigation file reveals differences about specific command given by Ohio officers before Crawford III was shot dead Video footage of Crawford III moments before he was gunned down by police a Walmart Beavercreek, Ohio. Photograph: Guardian Witnesses to the deadly police shooting of a black who was holding unloaded BB gun Ohio Walmart have contradicted officers’ claims about the specific command they gave him the moments before Alshon Jeffery Jersey opening fire. The two police officers involved the shooting also gave differing accounts of which of them gave orders to Crawford III, who was speaking on his cell phone while standing aisle of the store a suburb of last month, and of Crawford’s final movements. The new findings were contained hundreds of pages of investigation file released to the Guardian by the Ohio attorney general’s office, following a grand jury’s decision last week not to indict the officer who shot Crawford, on criminal charges. Jurors considered reports contained the file, along with video surveillance footage and audio recordings.

The file gives the most detailed account far of how Crawford, 22, came to be killed on the evening of 5 based on the concerns of a couple, one of whom called 911 and claimed repeatedly that the 22-year-old was pointing the air rifle at shoppers. The caller later said that Crawford was waving it around. Reports from interviews of and the other officer who responded, sergeant Darkow, said that they apparently did not identify themselves as police to Crawford as they turned the corner into the aisle where he was standing. They specified that they shouted at Crawford repeatedly drop your weapon, drop your gun or drop the gun. Yet three witnesses separately said they heard one, less specific, command: Put it down, put it down. Crawford’s family have said surveillance footage suggests that while speaking on his phone, he not have heard order or realised that it was directed at him. One witness said she did hear police say drop your weapon; another said that he heard get down. A photo released by the Ohio attorney general’s office shows the Walmart aisle where Crawford III was killed. Photograph: Ohio bureau of criminal investigation a recording of the 911 call, a word that sounds like down is shouted as officers round a corner the Walmart, about a second before two shots ring out. Darkow confirmed to investigators that the time between the last command being given and shots being fired was fairly close. Popp, attorney for and Darkow, said: I don’t see issue with the choice of words. Mr Crawford was warned before shots were fired. People get details different. It doesn’t mean they’re lying; it means they remember it differently. Darkow also told his interviewers that before opening fire, he and separately instructed Crawford to put down the gun. Yet said that he did not recall personally giving any commands, and that only Darkow had done. Darkow further said that Crawford made a movement that seemed to indicate attempt to run or attempt to take cover just before the 22-year-old was shot. This description appears to be supported by the store surveillance footage, which was released last week.

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