The Frye deal boosts the Cavaliers for the playoffs

The Frye deal boosts the Cavaliers for the playoffs, they can cope better up front with State’s myriad matchup possibilities, but it also gives them more quality depth inside that could help them against a team like Detroit. Again, it’s easy to look at the broad regular season and overthink this. is built to win the postseason.

I can the Pistons Kam Chancellor Jersey winning a game or two from the Cavs a best-of-seven. But a Detroit-Toronto series goes and quite possibly wrong. Q: The Detroit Red have their annual family road trip inviting their fathers to travel with the team for a few , could you the Pistons ever allowing family to come along on a road trip for any reason? I ‘t know how much free time they have outside of preparing for playing traveling for.

As aside, do the rest of the traveling band ever bring family on these trips, or is everyone simply too busy at their jobs? Thanks. — Ishmael A: This is a first for Ask , at least on this end. I actually found myself raising eyebrows as I read this. I didn’t know the Red did what you described but I couldn’t care less about hockey, either. I cover basketball. When I’m not covering it, I’m probably reading about it, or watching it, or reading something else, or flying, or sleeping. I ‘t visit family or friends on the road, ‘t even reach out to them when I know I’m going to be their areas. I’ve visited one friend on the road five seasons on the beat, and that’s Kellen Davis Jersey because I was driving from San Antonio to Houston with a full day off and he sort of lives between. We had just enough time for a glorious lunch at a fast-food restaurant.

I had dinner with one reader on the road one time. The other Detroit beat writers and I went together and visited Alcatraz on a day off San Francisco once. That’s the extent of the social activities as I can remember them. I ‘t bring anyone to work with me. I can’t speak to what other people do. I’m working. As busy as player’s life is, they have more spare time than me and they travel much greater comfort and timelier fashion than I do. That said, I’ve run into a player having dinner on the road with his wife once since I’ve been on this beat, and that was Peyton Siva, Indianapolis, because his then-pregnant wife was still Louisville, where they went to college, and she met him there the night before a game against the Pacers. Maybe this is why the Pistons are going back home after Saturday’s game at Chicago and not leaving directly for Florida for the Tuesday-Wednesday back-to-back at Miami.

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