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He first became interested in the Packers because he really likes cheese

Like Alvarez himself. He first became interested in the Packers because he really likes cheese — “It’s an obsession,” he said — and can now name every player on their roster.

Or Bohon, who was decked out in Vikings gear because as a kid he believed Fran Tarkenton was “ahead of his time.”

Or Erick Colín Mena, a 36-year-old who Will Fuller Authentic Womens Jersey was always fascinated by the city of Boston and wore a sweater that read: “I Might Live In Mexico But My Team Is In New England.”

Or Mario Hernándes, 26, who wore a convoluted Raiders costume because his mom bought him a team backpack nine years ago and he instantly became hooked.

Despite being pressured at a much higher rate, Winston has been sacked at a far lower rate than Mariota, 4.9 percent to 6.9 percent. When under pressure, Winston completes a higher percentage of passes than Mariota, and he has thrown an interception Will Fuller V Authentic Womens Jersey on 1.6 percent of his attempts, compared with 3.7 percent for Mariota. Winston’s Total QBR when under pressure is 64.6 for his career, the highest among qualified quarterbacks in that span. Mariota is at 16.5, which ranks 28th.

One factor into completion percentage is that Winston’s intended receivers have dropped 3.6 percent of his passes, while Mariota’s have dropped just 2.6 percent, which is the second-lowest rate among qualified quarterbacks.

That’s not to say Winston’s lower completion percentage is all his receivers’ fault. Winston has been judged to be off target (over or underthrown passes) on 23.2 percent of his attempts, the second-highest rate in the league. Mariota is at 17.5 Xavier Su’a-Filo Authentic Womens Jersey percent, which is also the league average.

Their accuracy when throwing the ball downfield is similar. On passes traveling 15 or more yards beyond the line of scrimmage, Mariota has a completion percentage of 44 percent compared with Winston’s 43 percent, though Winston attempts two more such passes per game.

Len Goodman: Without a doubt, the most improved dancer in this final. Honestly. When I think back, Week 1, you got a 6. You were lucky to get a 6 if I’m honest, but you got a 6. This had such lovely fluidity of movement. It had a charm about it. Your hold has got much better. You’ve still got to work a little bit on your footwork, but overall, what a fabulous start to the evening.