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Tom Brady caught the Saints with 12 men on the field before throwing an INT

Tom Brady was shook for a moment, after it appeared the referees were going to miss a call for the Saints’ defense having 12 men on the field.

Brady saw that the Saints were making a late substitution, and did a quick snap to get a free play. After nothing was there, Brady just chucked up the football to end it.

Initially, it didn’t look like the referees were going to make the call, and Brady snapped. He started holding up fingers towards the officials, indicating there were 12 men on the field.

And Brady was right. Tony Romo pointed out on the broadcast that while there were 11 lined up, one was still making his way towards the sideline as Brady snapped the ball.

The player can barely be seen at the bottom of the screen, but he’s there:

The initial shock that Brady would throw such a pass was funny, but it should be known that he knows much better than to make such a silly mistake.

I am here to explain why you should expect nothing less than for Dak Prescott to grab this opportunity by the horns, overcome the adversity, and bounce back in a major way.

As an avid Mississippi State fan, I have been following Dak Prescott since he arrived in Starkville back in 2011. I have witnessed his rise from a three-star prospect that LSU recruited as a tight end to the program’s best player in school history to face of the Dallas Cowboys. That said, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. Dak has faced his fair share of adversity. He’s overcame each circumstance. Let’s look at some examples of his bounce back performances — both on the college level and during his young professional career.nike_steelers_2246

Jimmy Garoppolo struggles, Tom Brady delivers highlight in Patriots’ win

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo took a step back in Friday’s 19-17 preseason win against the Carolina Panthers, and Tom Brady was rusty in his preseason debut but delivered one of the few offensive highlights of the night — a 33-yard touchdown to receiver Chris Hogan in the second quarter.

It marked the first time Brady came off the bench since 2001 when he replaced Drew Bledsoe in the second game of the regular season.

Bill Belichick has repeated multiple times in training camp that the team’s priority was getting Garoppolo ready for the regular season as Brady is set to serve a four-game suspension, but that Brady and rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett also were important. How Belichick planned to manage repetitions between the quarterbacks has been a hot-button topic, and this is how it broke down Friday:

Garoppolo started and played the first three series (13 snaps). Brady replaced him for four series (16 snaps), before Garoppolo returned for three more series by playing into the third quarter (14 snaps, not including kneel-downs). Brissett finished the game, entering with 3:48 left in the third quarter, while turning in the most efficient performance playing against Carolina’s backups.

The offense didn’t score under Garoppolo — in part because of a missed 30-yard field goal attempt by Stephen Gostkowski on the opening drive — and had nine points with Brady at the helm.

Garoppolo finished 9-of-15 for 57 yards, with no touchdowns and no interceptions. Brady was 3-of-9 for 76 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions.

This was below the normal standard for the usually potent Patriots offense.

A surprise player who impressed: For the third straight week, right tackle Marcus Cannon turned in a performance that didn’t make anyone take note for the wrong reasons. With starter Sebastian Vollmer likely to land on injured reserve, according to the Boston Globe, the Patriots might have to rely on Cannon.

Who got hurt? The Patriots appeared to come out of the game clean.

Maybe that player could start: The Browns have this receiver who will be suspended the first four games of the season. Guy named Gordon, first name Josh. Guy who’s tall, can run like a gazelle, has amazing ability to get balls that are up for grabs and who makes a quarterback better. Jackson probably can’t wait for the fifth game.

Who got hurt? Cornerback Justin Gilbert left the game in the second quarter with a concussion. Backup receiver and special teams standout Marlon Moore left in the first half with a hip injury.

When it was starters vs. starters, the Browns looked … : Brutally overmatched, which isn’t good given this is the “key” preseason game. At one point, the Bucs were doing everything they wanted and led 27-3 with six minutes left in the second quarter. Consider these first half stats: Winston threw for 259 yards and two touchdowns. The Bucs had 305 yards to 163 for the Browns. And the Bucs passing game produced 259 yards to the Browns’ 98. Big plays to Gordon or no big plays, this was a dud.

One reason to be concerned: Danny Shelton was the 12th overall pick in the 2015 draft, the first of two first-round picks. Though he forced a second-half fumble, he has not been very visible in preseason. Whether that is cause for concern is up for debate, but Shelton has gone two games in a row in which he played in the third quarter. That is not typical for starters.

Protection or decisions? On two third downs in the first half, Griffin was sacked. On both, he had time to throw and either saw nobody to throw to or did not make a decision. Or, according to Jackson, he ran out of time. “We’re not holding the ball too long,” Jackson said. The concern: That kind of play from the pocket cost Griffin his job in Washington. He has the confidence of his coach in Cleveland, but it would have been nice to see him make a throw from the pocket. His big plays in the preseason have all been on throws when he flung it deep to receivers running down the sideline.

Fantasy Football Mailbag: More NFL Draft fun

The Ravens previously violated rules “concerning the intensity and tempo of drills” in 2010. They forfeited the final week of their OTAs (organized team activities) as punishment. However, that violation and punishment was under the previous (2006) CBA.

Under the current CBA, the Seahawks have twice been fined for excessive contact during offseason practices. The last time they were found in violation was in 2014, when they were fined $300,000. They also were ordered to forfeit practice time. In 2012, they received a similar punishment for a similar infraction.

By the way, Gronk isn’t only doing photoshoots this offseason, he’s also doing the occasional interview, like the one he did on Thursday with ESPN.

During that interview, Gronk called Deflategate “stupid” and said that he thinks Tom Brady will end up playing in all 16 of the Patriots’ regular-season games this season.

Anyway, if Gronk does anymore photoshoots with bikini-clad models, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Leonard Floyd’s alarm clock is better than most alarm clocks, because Floyd’s alarm isn’t used to only wake him up in the morning — it’s also used to remind him to eat whatever the heck he wants in large quantities.

This happens multiple times a day for the No. 9 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

But Elliott isn’t your typical rookie running back. He was taken No. 4 overall by the Dallas Cowboys, a team very fond of using its shiny new toys as often as possible.

The Cowboys believe they can take Elliott and turn him into a better version of DeMarco Murray in 2014, when the Titans running back led the league in rushing and the Cowboys created an offense that was dominant and portable.

Sportsbook.ag actually installed Elliott as the favorite to win ROY honors, which is more in line with my own personal thinking.

The former standout averaged 6.7 yards per carry in his career at Ohio State. Dallas doesn’t want to unduly burden him with a crazy load in 2016, but they’re clearly going to find a way to get him somewhere in the range of 250 to 300 total touches.

Let’s go with the floor there, assume 30 of them are receptions and give him 220 rushing attempts. If Elliott averages 4.1 yards per carry behind the best offensive line in football, he’ll top 900 yards with just 220 carries.