Marquise Goodwin plays, scores emotional TD for 49ers hours after losing baby boy

In the second quarter of the 49ers’ win over the Giants on Sunday, San Francisco wide receiver Marquise Goodwin caught a pass from C.J. Beathard, ran it into the end zone for an 83-yard touchdown, blew a kiss to the sky and fell to the ground.

My life would not have played out the way it did without hockey. The game rescued me. It gave me a stage on which to break out of my “woe-is-me, low-self-esteem, awkward-teenager” chapter of my life, when I realized a severely nearsighted girl with contacts could shock plenty of people by donning a goalie mask and gear and play hockey with the boys in the mid-1970s. And even make the boys’ team in high school.

Linda Cohn calls drinking from the Stanley Cup in 1994, after the Rangers won it, “one of the best moments of my life, right up there with giving birth to my two children.” Linda Cohn
I’m thankful for my passion for the team that was handed down to me by my dad, the New York Rangers. The emotional roller coaster I became addicted to because of that connection is priceless. It still continues with my siblings and my kids.

According to Nicole, Roy Miller also shoved her, threw her phone in the toilet and didn’t allow her to retrieve it. He eventually barricaded himself in his room, and Nicole was able to retrieve her phone and call police.

When police arrived, Roy Miller was sleeping. He came outside to talk to them and was arrested. According to the report, several children were inside the home.

The Chiefs said they were aware on the incident, but didn’t provide any further information.

“This morning we were informed about an incident involving one of our players, Roy Miller,” the Chiefs said in a statement. “We are still in the process of gathering details on the situation. We will have no further comment at this time.”

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