Aaron Rodgers has been playing without either of his starting tackles.

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His top two running backs (one of whom, remember, is a converted wide receiver) left last week’s game with injuries. Receivers Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams have all missed time with injuries. No matter, the Packers believe they can weather anything because Rodgers will deliver when it counts. He’s still proving them right. Backup Brett Hundley remains well regarded, though unproven — he has attempted 11 regular-season passes since being picked in the fifth round in 2015.
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Foxworth: The Browns are more talented than the Jets and playing at home, so they should win. As for the matchup between 2004 draft-day-trade buddies, I pick Eli Manning and the Giants over Philip Rivers and the Chargers. It’ll be a close game and Eli will get knocked around, as he always does. But I expect the Giants’ high-priced defensive playmakers to create some turnovers, giving their offense a short field.

Kimes: I’ve picked the Chargers to win every game this season, so I’m going to ride for the Giants this week (which obviously means that Los Angeles will pull out its first win). Both teams have struggled to run the ball, and both teams have struggled to defend the run; the Giants and Chargers rank, respectively, 28th and 31st in opponents’ rushing yards per game. But New York finally seemed to spark something on offense in the second half against the Bucs last week, so I’ll take the home team in this Sunday’s garbage bowl.

Sando: Let’s take the Giants at home. They’ve played three of their first four on the road, including the past two, which they lost by a combined five points. The Chargers have had some issues in game management that could flare up again on the road.

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