Tom Brady caught the Saints with 12 men on the field before throwing an INT

Tom Brady was shook for a moment, after it appeared the referees were going to miss a call for the Saints’ defense having 12 men on the field.

Brady saw that the Saints were making a late substitution, and did a quick snap to get a free play. After nothing was there, Brady just chucked up the football to end it.

Initially, it didn’t look like the referees were going to make the call, and Brady snapped. He started holding up fingers towards the officials, indicating there were 12 men on the field.

And Brady was right. Tony Romo pointed out on the broadcast that while there were 11 lined up, one was still making his way towards the sideline as Brady snapped the ball.

The player can barely be seen at the bottom of the screen, but he’s there:

The initial shock that Brady would throw such a pass was funny, but it should be known that he knows much better than to make such a silly mistake.

I am here to explain why you should expect nothing less than for Dak Prescott to grab this opportunity by the horns, overcome the adversity, and bounce back in a major way.

As an avid Mississippi State fan, I have been following Dak Prescott since he arrived in Starkville back in 2011. I have witnessed his rise from a three-star prospect that LSU recruited as a tight end to the program’s best player in school history to face of the Dallas Cowboys. That said, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. Dak has faced his fair share of adversity. He’s overcame each circumstance. Let’s look at some examples of his bounce back performances — both on the college level and during his young professional career.nike_steelers_2246

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