T.O. is not alone: come on, Canton, stop making so many wait so long

Terrell Owens shouldn’t be still waiting. Once was enough, and just barely, even if you account for Pro Football Hall of Fame voters really indulging their personal beef and applying their unofficial “good/bad teammate” standard in a place where it didn’t belong.

And even if you concede that, yeah, Owens was often a Hall of Fame-level jerk.

Twice is too much. But too late for that — the results are in, and one of the three or four greatest receivers ever to step onto a football field missed the Canton cut again Saturday.

(Also, the author of one of the greatest on-field trolls ever, even before “trolling” became a thing.)

In the end, the Falcons did not really deserve to win that game. But they at least deserved to touch the ball once in overtime after an ill-fated coin flip.

We get why the NFL is happy with its “if the team with the initial possession scores a touchdown they win the game” rule, a twist away from true sudden death in every game not named the Super Bowl.

During the regular season, it’s hard enough for players to recover for the next week after having played only regulation. That’s even more the case when the next game comes on a Thursday or Saturday.

But there’s no next game after the Super Bowl, not until September. That’s why it’s OK to go for the long haul and add a full “fifth quarter.” If you don’t have a winner after those 15 minutes, go for another 15.

Given how much the Patriots dominated the second half and rolled to victory in OT, there’s a good chance they still would have won the game even if the Falcons had won that last coin flip.avalanche-026_09101d8e739b57eb-180x180

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