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Wait, is his name Teez Tabor or Jalen Tabor?

Former Florida Gators cornerback Teez Tabor is hoping to have his name called by Roger Goodell early in the 2017 NFL draft weekend. Tabor, who started in 26 games in three seasons, was drafted by the Detroit Lions with the No. 53 overall pick in the second round.

Tabors first name of Teezwas called with the pick. But that hasnt always been the first name he has gone by.

Tabor, as a recruit and during his first two years at the University of Florida, went by Jalen. However, heading into his final season with the Gators, he informed the team and media members that he was going to go exclusively by Teez.His official bio on Florida footballs site was changed to Teez:

Tabor said friends and family began referring to him as Teez in middle school. He prefers the name over Jalen and is used to it, which is at the heart of his request.
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Authentic Womens Johan Franzen Jersey Thats what I go by, he said. Thats what everyone calls me.
Hes even got the name tattooed on his arm:

A close look at Tabors right forearm proves how much the name means. He has Teez tattooed on the arm, but among the many tattoos that cover his torso, you wont find Jalen in ink.

Tabor credits his younger brother Roger as the primary reason those who know him best call him Teez. In seventh grade Tabor and three other friends created a MySpace page for their group named the Eezy Boyz. Eventually, MySpace wasnt so popular with his middle-school friends and they deleted the page.

Now its unclear whether or not this will become a legal name change; he told the Orlando Sentinel back in August that he was probablygoing to keep Jalen on his license. But this is what broadcasters and the media called him throughout 2016. It was also how he was listed officially on the NFLs website for both the combine and the draft, so it looks like this name will stick.

Marshawn Lynch reportedly has informed the Raiders he is ready to come out of retirement and play.

Thats great, except for one problem: The Seahawks still control Lynch’s rights. So if Lynch officially files for and is granted reinstatement by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the 30-year-old running back will become a member of the Seahawks’ roster, as if he never left.

So there are a number of issues at play for Seattle, Oakland and Lynch if he is to become a Raider in 2017.

How would Lynch fit with Raiders? It happened again on Wednesday against Houston, and while it’s not as horrific as Sunday’s affair, it being the fourth time since Saturday that the bullpen has blown the game doesn’t help things. Seattle had a 5-0 lead after three innings, and even after allowing Houston to score in consecutive frames, were still up 5-4 after Yovani Gallardo’s start and an inning of scoreless relief by Mark Rzepczynski. Then, Dan Altavilla and Dillon Overton gave up a combined six hits, two walks, and six runs during the seventh and eighth innings, and the Mariners wound up losing 10-5 after allowing 10 unanswered runs.

Elite Mens Elfrid Payton Jersey It’s still very early in the season, so panicking about the Mariners is going a little too far even after the week they’ve had. Losing these games to divisional opponents, though, in this manner and in April, is disconcerting. The AL West was expected to be crowded this year, with the Rangers, Astros, Mariners, and possibly the Angels all gunning for the division or at least a Wild Card spot. The further the Mariners fall behind now because they can’t close out a game, the harder it’s going to be for them to vault ahead later on in the year.
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The easiest way for Lynch to become a Raider would be for the Seahawks to release him and make him a free agent. That might be complicated.

Jazz steal home court advantage with gutsy win after losing Rudy Gobert

This game should have never been in reach for the Utah Jazz. Within the first 20 seconds of the game, they lost their centerpiece and defensive anchor in Rudy Gobert. They watched their star, unable to put weight on his leg, be carried off the court after suffering a knee injury. The Jazz could have folded. They could have quit. Instead, they stole Game 1 on the road against the Clippers.

Matthew Tkachuk. The rookie is an offensive threat but can put the Flames on the penalty kill at inopportune times. He often runs hot in big situations and plays his best work on the edge, so his balancing act might be the difference in a one-goal scenario.

Ryan Getzlaf has been stellar for the Ducks this year with 73 points in 74 games, but Corey Perry struggled just a bit in a sup-par 53 point year. The Ducks will need their big guys going early should they want to coral the Flames.

The Ducks. Anaheim has a four-game win streak coming into Thursday, including two straight against the Flames. Calgary hasn’t convinced me they can win against Anaheim this season, but their speed could pose a problem in the playoffs.

It was a complicated trick, carried out by a professional magician. I don’t really understand how it worked, but it ended with a piece of it in Meg’s mouth that said, among other things, “Will you marry me?” Pretty creative!

Runner pulls off incredible backwards cartwheel to get into blocks

Back in February, I noted a pet play the Celtics run for Isaiah Thomas. He hands the ball off to one big man, loops around both sides of the paint, and then pops out to receive a dribble handoff going to his left. This allows him to run away from bigger, slower defenders and get to the basket.

But the reason that play works is that its flexible. The Celtics have a different version of it when Thomas is on the bench that ends with Marcus Smart parking his butt in front of the basket.

Matt Moulson Youth Jersey They can also have Smart slip to the basket for a layup off Thomas curl. But they also act as a way to occupy the defenses attention when they want to get Lillard and McCollum off a pick and roll. Notice how Myles Turner points at Allen Crabbe as he flares to the corner, which slows him down when trying to get in position to contain Lillard.
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Thats why its hard to load up on Lillard and McCollum. The defense isnt just stretched. Its also distracted.

As someone who ran track in high school, its basically an unwritten rule that if you do something flashy, you also have to do well in the race. Everyone is watching.

Lets check on this runner who decided that getting in the blocks was too routine.

See, thats how you showcase your swagger before you race. You have to properly intimidate the competition before the starting gun goes off. Take notes.

69 percent of Americans think it’s cool if athletes smoke weed

The same nice poll found that a similarly nice percentage of Americans didn’t have a problem with it if athletes smoked pot for nice, recreational purposes. But of those who did have a problem with it, most of them were over 70, which is stupid, because what were they, asleep for Woodstock?

Elite Youth Rob Havenstein Jersey In another shocking turn of events, the other group of people who said that they’d lose respect for athletes if they smoked a nice blunt — or maybe vaped, vaping is nice — were political conservatives (47 percent). Forty-three percent of people who hadn’t tried marijuana themselves also thought athletes smoking pot was not nice.

Thanks for reading this nice blog post.
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Robert Stephens was all set to take run the Boston Marathon this year after his girlfriend Joanne Lieberman convinced him to join her charity team. Her dad knows a guy whose marketing firm once did some work for the Patriots, so he’s super involved with Bill Belichick’s foundation. Robert played lacrosse in college — how hard could it be to get back in shape? So he was like, “Sure, I’ll run a marathon with you, Joanne,” because he wanted to make his girlfriend happy, but mostly because he thought it would increase his chances of meeting Tom Brady.

Well, it turns out that not only was Tom Brady not involved with this charity at all, but Belichick didn’t even show up to the events. Also, do you know how hard $10,000 is to raise? Anyway, Robert got to $8,000 and battled through training runs with a strained calf by early March, and then — get this — Joanne broke up with him at a Bruins game. So Robert was like, “Fuck this,” and plans to spend Marathon Monday getting really drunk on his buddy’s balcony in Southie.

NBA scores 2017: The Warriors can still flip the switch and beat anybody

Limited Mens Janoris Jenkins Jersey Since losing five games in seven games that had everyone in a panic, they’ve rebounded to win nine straight outings. (The turning point must have been Klay Thompson signing a toaster.) On Wednesday, Golden State basically spotted the Spurs the first quarter and a 22-point lead, before roaring back in one of the most dominant showings we’ve seen from them in months.

The two team’s last meeting had been the flashpoint for a league-wide talking point, after the top players on each side sat due to rest and injury. The NBA hated it, wanting their product shown at its best on national television. While it wasn’t an overtime thriller, that happened on Wednesday. It just wasn’t an equal distribution of wealth — for a quarter and a half or so, the Spurs were at their best. For the rest of it, Golden State took over.

It’s pretty crazy how good the Browns have been given the injuries they’ve faced. Jason Campbell, of all players, has revitalized the Cleveland offense and is taking them to heights they surely would not have reached with Brandon Weeden under center.

A lot of things still have to go right for this team to make the playoffs, but the fact that they’re in the discussion is great. Most figured they were banking on next season and the season’s after given that they traded away Trent Richardson near the beginning of the season.
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Campbell completed 23 of 35 passes for 262 yards and two touchdowns against the Ravens in their last outing. Cincinnati has a strong defense, though, so if Campbell falters, Cleveland’s defense will need to come up big. That’s something they’ve been able to do, as they boast the No. 10 pass defense and No. 6 rush defense in the NFL.

John Mara: Honor for father ‘important for me and for my family’

What does New York Giants’ co-owner John Mara think of the latest version of the Manning Face, the bearded look quarterback Eli Manning has been sporting during the Giants’ current four-game winning streak?

“I don’t care whether he shaves or doesn’t shave. I just want to win the game on Sunday,” a laughing Mara said via phone Thursday afternoon.

Mara’s late father, legendary Giants’ owner Wellington Mara, will be honored Friday by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Allstate as part of the ‘Hometown Hall of Famers’ program. A plaque will be presented in Mara’s honor during a ceremony at Loyola School in New York City, which Mara attended.

Wellington Mara died in 2005 at age 89 after running the Giants for 68 years.

In the past, the league has made it clear that their real driving force in agreeing to a 2018 Winter Olympics was to get to Beijing in 2022. The NHL has wanted to put a foothold in there for years, and the announcement just last week that the Kings and Canucks would be playing two preseason games there only confirms it.

So, why would they risk boxing themselves out of 2022? The Olympics aren’t some pick and choose buffet where the NHL only goes when it benefits them alone. According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, the league doesn’t fear they won’t get a seat at the 2022 Olympic table.

There’s good reason for it too. Amateur hockey players won’t net the Olympics a lot of money and the NHL will be more inclined to meet the IOC’s demands before Beijing.

The Texans might not want to take a chance on him

“I think we’ve seen some stuff in the past year that is not making the game look very good at all. There’s no other sport where people can call or e?mail in or contact officials regarding an issue,” Fowler said. “In my eyes, coming 24 hours after the fact, to me, you know, things should be handled the day of. Once you sign your scorecard, that’s kind of it, I feel like.

The Texans might not want to take a chance on him, either. Cutler, who will turn 34 later this month, is coming off an injury-shortened season and has been plagued in recent years by terrible decision-making and his tendency to turn the ball over at crucial times. These are the same criticisms Osweiler received last season, and the last thing the Texans want is more of the same under center.
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Kaepernick is not the most talented passer, but his speed and athleticism make him an excellent dual threat. He runs the read option well and can torch defenses if given the opportunity. Both teams’ offenses are centered around more of a pocket passer, though, and putting Kaepernick in a starting role may force them to change their offensive system on short notice.

Brennan has adopted “Spartan Speed” as a catchphrase; he wants SJSU’s philosophy to be tempo on both sides of the ball. That explains the Sowder hire. To bring aggression and pace to the defense, Brennan brought along a co-worker.

Former Oregon State defensive backs coach Derrick Odum takes over a defense that has some rebuilding in areas of weakness but boasts one of the stickier pass defenses in the Mountain West.
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Odum occupies branches on the June Jones (SMU, 2008-14), Kyle Whittingham (Utah, 2005-07), and, yes, Briles (Houston 2003-04) trees, which suggests he knows how to install an aggressive mindset. But one has to wonder if he’s got the pieces to turn that into production against the run. SJSU could be strong up the middle but shaky on the edges.

The guy who made the terrible Cristiano Ronaldo statue compared himself to Jesus

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The man who created the evil twin statue of Cristiano Ronaldo, which will adorn the airport named after the striker in his homeland, is fed up. The sculptor had enough of the jokes that say that his statue is the catfish to Ronaldo’s Tinder profile picture. He’s incensed at the suggestions that a bust that he worked on for three years came out looking like Lionel Messi had paid him off to make Ronaldo look as ugly and as deranged as possible.

Speaking out against criticisms that his hard work made Ronaldo look like a 2-year-old’s drawing of the monster in the closet, Emanuel Santos said: “It is impossible to please the Greeks and Trojans. Neither did Jesus please everyone. This is a matter of taste, so it is not as simple as it seems. What matters is the impact that this work generated. There is always the possibility of making a difference, I was prepared for all this. I used as a base some photos of Cristiano Ronaldo that I found on the internet, nothing specific. I put the photos next to me and started working on the bust.”

Part of Rainey’s success is attributable to Atlanta’s inability to stop running backs, but he deserves credit for finding gaps and being the biggest reason his team won on Sunday.

Ameer Abdullah Jersey Returning to Arizona we find the biggest benefactor from Palmer’s huge day. Michael Floyd had a career afternoon against the Jacksonville Jaguars en route to the largest game of his career.

Floyd averaged more than 30 yards per catch, and hauled in the longest catch of the season on a 91-yard bomb from Palmer. It was a hugely impressive day, and he deserves to be one of the top players in Week 11.